Warners' steel frames

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Thu Aug 5 16:54:55 BST 2004

Some weeks ago I asked about the names allegedly given to two types of steel
frame installed by Warners in the period from 1912 till the firm's demise,
but answer came there none...

Having now dug around a bit in my source material I can confirm that the
"short-headed" type used at Bredon, Gloster St Mary de Lode, Aldbourne, etc.
was called by Warners themselves their 'Patent Cantilever Bell Frame' in
publicity which illustrated one of these frames at Bray (now gone, I
believe). The Bray frame stood on "stalks" but all the others I think were
supported by RSJs placed diagonally across the corners of the tower
immediately under the frame.

Of the massive frames installed at Shoreditch, Somerton (Som.),
Rickmansworth etc. a report in RW 12th Dec. 1913 (p 394) of the rededication
at the last place says the following: 'The new frame ... is a
massive-looking structure, and thoroughly deserves the name of "Dreadnought"
which the Shoreditch bell frame was called by visiting ringers.'

I find no mention of the term 'Battleship' although it is certainly pretty


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