Dalton in Furness

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> Does anybody know whether the frame and fittings at the above are by
> Warner's? The Warner ring only lasted a couple of decades before it 
> replaced by the present Taylor ring, but I wonder whether the frame 
> fittings, being fairly new, were reused.
> David
Diana Handley's Notes on Furness Bells p. 10
'The 1865 Warner 6 with a tenor of 10 3 17 hung in the old tower 
until 1884, and then in the present tower from 1885 to 1913.

In 1913 Warners recast the six into an eight with a tenor of 21 2 3 
and hung them in a frame for ten; the first all steel frame built for 
10 bells. The present ten, recast by Taylors in 1927, hang in 
Warner's 1913 frame,' 

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