[Bell Historians] Porosity

Dickon Love dickon.love at a...
Tue Aug 10 09:43:29 BST 2004

> The bell is NOT a poor casting. It has a small amount of porosity 
> around the original strike point, which has only become apparent as 
> the clapper has worn the surface metal away. Nor has it been over 
> clappered.

Depersonalising this, how common an occurrence is this? And how 
common these days? And what causes it?

I too was a little surprised by the strength of response from my old 
Canterbury friends to my innocent enquiry. I am sure that porosity in 
modern bells is equally as interesting and appropriate a discussion 
as the colour of L&J's nuts... :)

(declared as former Steeplekeeper at Canterbury, although that 
discussion has moved on...)

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