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>From memory (risky), the bell is 25" diameter, the soundbow is approximatel=
y 6" thick and the clapper ball is 4" diameter. If I can subtract correctly=
, that means the clapper travels about 9" from one side of the bell to the =

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> I'm surprised that no one has reacted to this point yet. There is no=20
> *direct* connection between thickness and clapper throw. Two bells=20
> of the same pitch but different thickness will have different=20
> external profiles but the same internal profiles, because it is=20
> internal diameter which controls pitch. (Why else would tuning be=20
> done on the inside rather than the outside?) Therefore those two=20
> bells will have the *same* internal space available for clapper=20
> throw. (The thicker bell may well have a larger diameter at the lip,=20
> but it won't have a larger diameter at the sound bow--the point of=20
> impact of the clapper.)

The point with the Bullring treble is that it is so thick that it needs h=
itting hard to sound loud enough, but because it is so thick there is not m=
uch internal space, so the clapper travel is severely reduced. As I underst=
and it, even with a very heavy clapper for the size of the bell it has prov=
ed difficult to make it sound loud enough because of the restricted clapper=



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