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Wed Aug 11 10:06:48 BST 2004

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>Removing metal from the outside could deface any inscriptions etc. which=
, I assume, is the main reason why tuning is effected nowadays by removal f=
rom the inside >only.

Its also harder to do and keep a decent shape, and there is the added dis=
advantage of having to pick the bell up to sound it each time.=20

>But there must be many examples of bells where the external diameter has=
been reduced at the rim to correct tonal errors.

The only ones I have done were the old bells from Norton Canes which went=
to Branston (1903 Barwell). Machining the external soundbow flattens the h=
um whilst sharpening the fundamental and nominal, which is the sort of thin=
g that you would want to do with a Victorian bell generally speaking. The b=
ottom set of wires were removed, but we didn't go as high as the next set.

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