[Bell Historians] Bullring treble

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Aug 12 14:20:17 BST 2004

Just looking at the price list on the Whitechapel web site, and a standard bell with the same note as the Bullring treble (the D two octaves and a tone above the 2-ton C bell) would have a diameter of 15 7/8" and weigh 0-3-21. The Bullring treble weighs 5-3-22. Andrew H said that the bell has a diameter of 25". The closest to this on the standard Whitechapel price list is 25 3/8", which weighs 3-1-14 and sounds the E an octave and two tones above the 2-ton C (i.e. the same note as the 7th of the 16).

Does anyone have photos of the Bullring treble, both inside and outside? I have rung there, but I've not been up to look at the bells.



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