[Bell Historians] Sanctus and Angelus bells

Paul Marshall paul&jean at p...
Thu Aug 12 06:40:29 BST 2004

The small bell which is hanging in the old belfry at St Anne's Bewdley 
is called the fire bell. It has the Bewdley coat of arms on it.

Paul Marshall

In message <7688906.1092233336483.JavaMail.www at wwinf3002>, David Bryant 
<david at b...> writes
>"The term Sanctus Bell seems to be taken these days as meaning any 
>small bell - often as in "not part of the ringing peal" bell and is 
>used for services when there are no ringers around i.e. early communion 
>services etc. Some Anglican services do use it at the elevation of the 
>host as it was intended but not many in my experience."
>But in many cases such small bells will may well have been cast as 
>sanctus bells, even if they are no longer used as such.
>Incidentally, does anywhere apart from Sherborne Abbey have a dedicated 
>fire bell?


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