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Anne Parmenter, who rings at Bromham, Wilts, is seeking information about h=
er grandfather Charles Dalton Potter who, she has been told, was a ringer a=
t St. Mary, Barnsley. He died on 26 July 1939. Anne has also been told th=
at he was, at one time, the President of the Yorkshire Association, is this=
correct? Any information about C.D.Potter will be gratefully received. R=
inging World obituary? Barnsley Church, or Yorkshire Association records, e=
Anne did not know that her grandfather was a ringer until long after his de=
ath. Having told her mother, also now deceased, that she had taken up the =
art of bell-ringing her mother replied -'Well, my father was a ringer at Ba=
Dennis Powney, in W.W.W.
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