[Bell Historians] Sanctus and Angelus bells

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As the originator of this topic I hope that David will allow me a final
comment. First, to thank those who have responded with information about
current C of E practice. As DAC bells advisor it is something that I felt I
needed to know more about, particularly because I am currently considering
what advice to offer an Anglo-Catholic church in my patch. My question about
"legal" practices was a serious one that seems to have been answered by
Andrew Wilby's reference to a decision by the St Alban's Diocesan
Chancellor. The point being that can I recommend something that is not,
strictly speaking, "legal"? Do the Canons of the Church say anything about


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> I think this discussion has gone too far now - I've been away from the
> computer all day or I would have stopped it before. Comments and views on
> religious beliefs held by others are not an appropriate topic of
> for this list, and clearly offence has been caused. I want no more emails
> this subject, and anyone who sends any will be dealt with appropriately.
> David

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