[Bell Historians] Beckenham bells - old postcard

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Mon Aug 16 13:36:02 BST 2004

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> "To-days e-bay trawl has produced a 1906 postcard/Christmas 
> card showing 8 bells, stated to be those of Beckenham parish church 
> They are shown complete with headstocks, and have had the 
> inscriptions picked out in white. 
> Outside of my field of interest but a nice card nevertheless.
> Phil Lucas"
> Would this be the same pic as one of those on
> http://kent.lovesguide.com/beckenham.htm
> These pics come from scans of some rather large prints that hang in 
> tower. These were particularly interesting as we discovered that the
> inscriptions that appear in the photograph are NOT the same as 
those on the
> bells. It appears that errors in the original inscriptions were 
> (by etching off and then engraving) at a later date, possibly 1952. 
> pictures date from 1903.
> DrL

Do you mean they etched the inscription off the photo or the bell? 
If it was the bell, it will have been done with a hammer and chisel, 
not acid!


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