Pack & Chapman

jim phillips jim at p...
Wed Aug 18 00:12:21 BST 2004

"In one of the Dorset books mention is made of a 1770s Pack and Chapman bell
which is of very good tone. Knaresborough are from 1774 although the two
trebles have been recast, St Mary's Shrewbury are cited as a good example,
Coventry were of this era and I have found the treble at Farnham (Yorks)
1774 to be almost modern toned. Any other examples from this era and any
tonal analysis - apart from the recent recreation of Coventry?"

How about the superb back ten of St Mary Le Bow most of which were destroyed
by Gillett & Johnston in 1933 apart from 4,5,9 and 11. (Lester and Pack
1762 with the tenor by Thomas Lester 1738.) A recording exists of these
bells which were used as a time signal by the BBC for many years. Has any
one a copy of Columbia record number 4082? Has Bill Hibbert done an
analysis of the Pack & Chapman bells. Can someone explain the unique
beautiful tone of these bells? What was the secret of their tone? I find
it interesting that in a recording of the Gillett twelve the old Lester &
Pack that remained were of far better tonal quality than the rest.

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