Pack and Chapman 1770s

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Wed Aug 18 09:41:00 BST 2004

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> In one of the Dorset books mention is made of a 1770s Pack and 
Chapman bell
> which is of very good tone. Knaresborough are from 1774 althought 
the two
> trebles have been recast, St Mary's Shrewbury are cited as a good 
> Coventry were of this era and I have found the treble at Farnham 
> 1774 to be almost modern toned. Any other examples from this era 
and any
> tonal analysis - apart from the recent recreation of Coventry?
> Andrew

Great Dunstan at Canterbury, although this is by William Chapman 
(1762), so may not count, is magnificent - see my article about it on 
Dickon's "Loves Guide to the Church Bells of Kent" site.

You rang at St Mary's Shrewsbury, last February Andrew - they're 
excellent, don't you remember?!


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