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Does sound as if the tenor was cast for somewhere else and retained in stoc=
k for one reason or another.=20=20

As to the "4 C's and a central square", yes, I've come across a number of t=
hem - what I would call one of L&P's 'occasional' ornaments. Fleurs-de-lis =
and crowns were favourites with Richard Phelps.


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Further to Knaresborough bells:
Four of them (4,5,7&8) have crosses on them - the one on the fourth has =
a fleur-de-lys and a crown [Mary??], the others are like four letter "C"s w=
ith a square in the centre. It is reputed that the eight were a recasting =
of four old bells. Could these crosses be an indication of this?
Also the tenor has a double inscription band. In the upper part there is=
an engraved inscription whilst that in the lower band is cast-in. Also th=
e date is missing after "of London Fecit" - was this bell destined for some=
where else? Any other 18cwt bells cast around this time - was it a reject =
from Coventry?

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