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Wed Aug 25 09:22:36 BST 2004

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> Chertsey Museum have an Eldridge bell hanging outside their front 
> However, I don't think that it is even known for certain where the 
> was located in Chertsey, unless someone can put me right on this.
> It does seem strange that we only have one Eldridge bell - all the 
> being London bells from Robert Mot onwards, and the 6th being a 
> casting of 1380.
> Any details on the Eldridges would of course be of great interest 
to us.
> Thanks
> Peter Whisker
> Chertsey

Could he have been an itinerant with no fixed works?

George Elphick (Sussex Bells and Belfries) says he was a change 
ringer and elected to the College Youths in 1649. George also 
indicates that the foundry simply closed, with no hint of a takeover.


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