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Wed Aug 25 14:15:32 BST 2004

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> Inspired by the recent outbreak of A.E. Housman in the RW, I have 
> renewing my acquaintance with "A Shropshire Lad". The poem "The
> Recruit" contains the following verse:
> "Or come you home of Monday
> When Ludlow Market hums
> And Ludlow chimes are playing
> 'The conquering hero comes'.
> This gives the impression that Ludlow had chimes which varied from 
> to day. As a matter of interest, does anyone know whether this is 
> Housman wasn't known for his literal accuracy about Shropshire.
> Indeed, some people say he never set foot in the county.
> John Camp

Wonderful, melancholy poems!

Yes, Ludlow has had a carillon machine for many years - not sure what 
tunes it plays, or when it was installed, though!


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