[Bell Historians] Ludlow

John Camp camp at b...
Wed Aug 25 14:29:42 BST 2004

At 14:20 on 25 August 2004, David Bryant wrote:
>> Housman wasn't known for his literal accuracy about Shropshire.
>> Indeed, some people say he never set foot in the county.

> As he was a native of adjoining Worcestershire, it seems
> improbable that he never set foot in Shropshire.

You must forgive a degree of exaggeration. The point is that he wasn't
"a Shropshire Lad", although many people assumed that the poems were
based on his own childhood and youth. In fact, 'Shropshire' is seen as
an idealised version of England at the end of the 19th century. I
think he liked the sound of the place names - Bredon, Ludlow, Clee.

John Camp

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