The end of the Eldridge foundry

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Thu Aug 26 10:48:31 BST 2004

Richard Offen (I think):

> >
> > George Elphick (Sussex Bells and Belfries) says he was a change
> > ringer and elected to the College Youths in 1649. George also
> > indicates that the foundry simply closed, with no hint of a
> takeover.
> >

- a small point, but how likely is a foundry to 'just close'? I can well imagine a scenario where there is no formal takeover, but surely anyone going out of business would try to get what they could for their assets? As a more recent example, didn't Whitechapel buy the tuning kit from G+J?

A sale of assets could see them dispersed throughout the trade, but I can also imagine one foundry buying out so many assets that to all practical intents a takeover occurred.


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