[Bell Historians] Dorset Part 3

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Thu Aug 26 13:00:07 BST 2004

> >>'Bells and Belfries of Dorset'
>>> Part 3, which gratefully benefits from the work of Dick and Nick Bowden,
>>> Chris Pickford and others. This has just lurched a little closer to
>>> publication with the completion of the index! But meanwhile, I might be
>>> prepared to send a print-out to interested parties if they care to send me
>>> an SAE... CD]
>>Don't do it, make them wait!!!
> ... and pay!!!
[Thank you for these thoughts! My message was highly ambiguous: it was
only the pages about L & J that I was offering, to allay some of my panting
potential buyers' frustrations. But 2004 still looks realistic, if the
printers can cope (and I can afford them).


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