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Thu Aug 26 17:43:24 BST 2004

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> Whilst on that slightly sore point, after the tenor was welded I 
checked its 
> notes, assuming they may have altered and found they had not. I 
> astonished to find that it had gone up by about 20 cents when the 
bells were pitched 
> for the recent proposals for augmentation. I haven't experienced 
this with 
> any old bells that have been welded.
> I was amazed that a small G&J bell that we rehung recently, 
changed in pitch 
> when the bell was bolted to its stock (with fibre pad between). 
The prime 
> rose around 10Hertz!

That's a well known problem that has been experienced in the past - 
even pitching a small bell with the lathe centre bolt still tight 
during tuning can give spurious results!


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