Darlington and Durham

David Bryant david at b...
Sat Aug 28 21:12:21 BST 2004

Today I spent the day in Darlington and Durham. Bell-wise, the following may
be of interest:


The large bell on the northbound platform of the station, discussed on this
list several months ago, is certainly still there, standing on its plinth.
Judging from the shape of it, I expect it would sound pretty foul so being
on display where it can't be sounded might be the best thing for it!

In St Cuthbert's (the parish church) there is a little machine which, so the
information board accompanying it says, plays a plain course of bob triples.
In principal, it is a chime barrel in miniature, and makes its sounds using
a set of small hemispherical bells.


In Durham, I saw the two old Hodson bells (3rd and 5th of the old 17 cwt
six) at St Oswald's. We discussed on this list why they might have kept
these two out of the six, and I think I can answer at least in the case of
the 3rd - the board with them says that bellfounding fragments fron Hodson's
makeshift foundry near the cathedral had been excavated, and these included
parts which had inscription enabling them to be identified as the mould of
the St Oswald's old 3rd. presumably this is why the 3rd was kept, but as
regards the 5th I don't know. Does anybody know where the excavated mould
fragments are now? Also, are the inscriptions from the Hodson bells which
were recast in 1977 reproduced in facsimile on the new bells?

Has anyone surveyed the bells of Durham? If not I might do it - there are
several church towers where I have no idea what they contain...


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