[Bell Historians] Roger Purdue I

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon Aug 30 13:51:04 BST 2004

> Thanks, but is this a 'one-off'? Most of the Roger Purdue tenors I know
> of
>> in Wiltshire are in the 10 - 15 cwt range.#
> Nope - the old Redcliffe tenor (which I think as scrapped at 39 cwt) was
> also a Roger Purdue bell.
> Thanks again. Perhaps Roger Purdue I tended to cast smaller bells when he
> was working out of Bristol.
[Really? Why? Heavier bells are more difficult to transport.
Piddlethrenthide tenor, 19 cwt., is pretty certain to have been cast in a
temporary foundry at Maiden Newton nearby.


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