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Sun Dec 5 13:00:26 GMT 2004

"I took some photos of the 1914? Mallaby rehung three at Goodmanham 
Following a tipoff (on Nabbers) from a very well respected Bell 
Historian (and someone that I owe numerous favours to!) that they 
were in a headless KP frame, I really wanted to look at them.
On Rod Bickertons York area tour yesterday, DJB and myself took 10 
mins to look at them, and boy what an installation, and very ringable.
I have put a photo in the photo section of the group, but have more 
if anyone wants them-ideally, I would like to revisit to get more 
Has anyone a date for the frame?"

Frame and 2nd bell of circa 1500, as I surmised yesterday (and I've now looked at the listed bells list and it agrees with me!). The 2nd, again as I surmised, is a Nottingham foundry bell. Tenor Samuel Smith of York (can't remember date and it's not listed). Treble's incription claims that it's by Mallaby of Barnby Don, but clearly it's a Warner bell. Treble flat-headed, canons knocked off back two. Mallaby fittings. Tuning-wise, I think they are roughly a Major chord (i.e. 2,4,6 of 6).

Alan - can you email me thos photos from yesterday.



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