Warner Headstocks

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at y...
Mon Dec 6 15:15:47 GMT 2004

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, David Bryant <david at b...> 
> Does anyone know when Warner's started using cast iron headstocks?
> David

Not really about headstocks, but do you have any piccys of the 
Warner back six at Huntington?
I would like to see the clapper buffers fitted there some time.
I think I may have found replacement rubbers for them (Ron Sanderson 
was a bit worried as the present ones are getting worn and he says he 
cannot find replacements).
The eight at Huntington are very good with these rubbers fitted- I 
expected the back six to be the usual Warner buckets you come across 
more often than not.


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