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> Just wondered if anyone happens to have weights, diameters etc for 
any of the following:
> Bilsborrow, Lancs - 14 cwt 8. Founder/date, diameters, weights 
> Nelson, Lancs - 14 cwt 8. M&S 1923, weights needed
> Withington, Gloucs - 11 cwt 6. Rudhall (as in Bliss & Sharpe), but 
since restored - weights and diameters needed
> Chris P

Bilsborrow are quite a Modern job I recall (either rehung or 
recast 1940s/1050s). No other detail.

Nelson no details, however , the clapper balls are fitted with 
rubber bungs. Frame and fittings of as same date as bells.
I have expected St Phillip, Nelson to become redundant for the last 
fifteen years or so, but it keeps on going.
I dont get over that way a lot and am amazed that the church 
still has a congregation- its not an overly rich town.
The bells used to be quite hard to get (there being no local band).
The church is in a very highly populated Asian area, with houses 
close to the church, and despite there being adjustable sound 
control fitted (which was seized up ninteen years ago), they got 
complaints from local Asians when the bells were rung.


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