[Bell Historians] Thin tenor bells

s.ivin at n... s.ivin at n...
Wed Dec 15 15:52:42 GMT 2004

If you mean just the thin tenor, rather than a complete ring .....
You will have a job to find a better one than Husborne Crawley (by M1
junction 13) - 4'0", 18-2-12 mid-way between D and E flat (or seing as it's
Nigel asking, D 'Old Concert Pitch'!). Taylor, 1911 from memory. The
1977 recast 7th is on a similar scale, circa 13 cwt.

Both Claybrooke and Ilminster are much thinner than the rest of the
ring, I think, and although a remarkable sounding bell I wouldn't call
Ilminster an example to follow!


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