[Bell Historians] Thurlbear etc.

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Wed Dec 15 13:11:26 GMT 2004

> Finally - has anyone got a diameter for the tenor of the nice 
> medieval four at Thurlbear? I'm not convinced that they are 15 cwt.
> David
I don't think it is. Diameter 41 1/8 in. Neat scratch tuning on sound-bow.
Nominal G - 47, fundamental Gb + 28, hum G - 29. I.e. close to
true-harmonic, as Exeter medieval bells often were.

Re another recent query, Bilsborrow is a complete Whitechapel eight of 1949
and Nelson ditto of 1924. The clapper buffers at the latter result in quite
a cacophony of uncontrolled harmonics.


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