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In yesterday's Salisbury Journal under Legal & Public Notices, the followin=
g appeared:

Diocese of Salisbury - Parish of St Lawrence, Stratford-sub-Castle. Disposa=
l of Redundant Bell Frame in 2002.

Regarding the previously approved removal of the listed bell frame, from th=
e Parish Church of St Lawrence at Stratford-sub-Castle in the year 2000 for=
replacement by a new frame, followed by the sale of the old frame in the y=
ear 2002.

Objections, etc by 13th January, 2005.

I did try to find a home for it in one of TCCT's churches in Wiltshire but =
the Trust refused it. I gather that it was sold to someone who has since ma=
de a table from the timber! I am unclear as to the action that can now be =
taken even if someone does object. Presumably there was a good deal of timb=
er remaining, unless it was a very large table!

Neil Skelton.
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