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For a list of known Mears bells (as well as other known UK cast bells) in
America see:

then Bell Archaeology
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> I am collecting examples of the inscriptional use of
> Latin in New Jersey, USA, and so far have found print
> references to two church bells signed by Thomas Mears
> of London. One is at Old Paramus Church, Ridgewood,
> and inscribed (according to the print source) "Thos.
> Mears. Fecit London 1801." The other is at Old North
> Church, Dumont, and reported to read "Thomas Mears of
> London Fecit 1801."
> As both bells are in the towers where they were
> originally installed, visiting them will be no mean
> feat. I am curious as to whether anyone on the list
> (1) is aware of photographs of these bells, (2) knows
> of other Mears productions which found their way to
> New Jersey, or (3) can point me to other bells in the
> state which may be inscribed all or partly in Latin.
> I would appreciate any and all helpful messages.
> Please address them to me off list (cil_nj at y...),
> even if you copy your reply to the group. Many
> thanks!

> Greg Guderian
> New Jersey Latin Inscriptions Project
> Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum
> quae in Civitate Nova Caesarea exstant
> cil_nj at y...
> (973) 650-1190

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