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Modern Metric coach bolts have a slightly larger head than their Imperial c=
ounterparts. Imperial bolts are still available from specialist suppliers.
Grinding off the sides only destroys any protective coating applied.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest answer is to follow Taylor's practice of r=
ecent years of using a standard bolt with a washer under the head. These ha=
ve the advantage that you have something to hold onto if you need to remove=
the bolts. Coachbolts have a tendency to turn and angle grinder/hacksaw ar=
e then required for their removal.=20

If you use plated or galvanised bolts then you stand a chance of removing t=
hem in future years.

New stays become loose as the wood dries out. I might also be advatagous to=
use a spring washer under the nut to absorb this.

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Are the stay bolt holes in modern Taylor headstocks (1999) metric or
imperial? I need to replace the stay bolts on a several of the bells in a
ring I've only become responsible for maintaining fairly recently. I know
that certainly up into the 1980s the holes were still imperial sizes (as =
another ring which I look after), and it was necessary to grind the heads=
metric coach bolts down to fit. I don't have ready access to a bench grin=
at the moment, though.


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