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For an authoritative account, see:

Ephick, G.P., Sussex Bells and Belfries: Chichester, Phillimore, 1970.=20

See also his related references to Walters The Church Bells of England and =
Stahlschmidt The Church Bells of Kent. The Walters book was reprinted about=
25 years ago, the Kent one (1887) is a rare collectors' item, as is his Su=
rrey Bells and London Bell Founders (1884).

There are quite a number of 'Hodson' bells in my home county of Kent, eithe=
r by himself, with his associate William Hull, or with his son Christopher,=
or by Christopher himself. See CBK pp 97ff. Complete or nearly complete ri=
ngs or chimes in Kent exist at:

Milton-by-Gravesend (back 5 of 8), JH with Wm Hull
Chelsfield, back 5 of 6, 1672 JH
Woodnesborough, 3 bells out of 5, 1676 JH
Alkham, 3 bells out of 4, 1683 J&CH
Brookland, 3 bells out of 6 + crown of old tenor, 1685 J&CH=20
Godmersham, back 5 of 6, 1685 CH
Dymchurch, 3, 1685, CH
Plumstead, 3 bells out of 6, CH 1686


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Can anyone help?

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> Dear David Bryant,
> In 1977, I excavated a bell foundry at Durham Cathedral constructed and
> used by John Hodson when he cast the bells for Durham Cathedral and at
> least one church in Durham city in 1693-1694. Circumstances have
> prevented me from completing a final report on this project, although m=
> sense of guilt on this omission means that I hope to resume work on the
> final draft report (already some 10 years old!) this year. The main
> drawback I have is - as you might expect - that as I live and work in
> Turkey, I lack access to any relevant recently published material on
> 17th century bell-founding in general, but on John Hodson in particular=
> My principal questions to you today, however, is do you know of anyone
> who has recently compiled a catalogue of John Hodson's bells; or who ha=
> published anything on John Hodson and his family; or of the bells of
> Durham Cathedral? All of my existing information about John Hodson and
> family, and the Durham bells, comes mainly from the works of the late
> 19th and early 20th century antiquarians!
> Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer,
> Julian Bennett, Ph.D., F.S.A.,
> Asst.Professor,
> Dept of Archaeology and Art History,
> Bilkent University,
> Bilkent, Ankara,
> Turkey
> P.S. I found your web-site thanks to an article in today's Guardian!

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