bell-related curios

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Feb 18 22:51:33 GMT 2004

Has anyone made any sort of study of bell-related curios? By this I mean
items derived from bell installations, such as pieces of old bells, parts of
fittings, etc, retained for display purposes or adapted to function as
somehing else. For example, a clapper removed from York Minster in 1765
still holds up a window head in a local pub, and half a wheel at Guiseley
has been adapted to make a picture frame containing a collage charting the
casting of the present bells. Inscription bands cut from scrapped bells
exist in a number of places, as do parts of inscription cut out and mounted
on timber plaques.

Assuming there is nothing on this, as I expect, I think it could be the
subejct of my next RW article!. Can anyone provide interesting examples to


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