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and from Wiltshire:

COOMBE BISSETT: Fragment of Wallis bell (with date 1586) in ringing chamber=

STRATFORD TONY: Part of medieval frame and some wheels in shed of adjacent =
house. Clappers and two remaining bells in tower.

TOLLARD ROYAL: Inscription band from the old tenor (poss by Wm Dawe) now in=
King John's House, T.R. as a candelabrum.

WISHFORD MAGNA: Tenor canons in ringing chamber. One clapper in Dental Surg=
ery, Castle Street, Salisbury. Don't recall what happened to the rest.=20

WYLYE: Five clappers in the adjacent Bell Inn.

and from Devon:

TORBRYAN: Top half of one wheel in the Old Church House Inn, adjacent.

and from Bristol:

ST JOHN THE BAPTIST (on the wall): Ringing chamber table made from old bell=
frame timber (made, possibly, by Thomas Blackbourn who rehung the bells).

Not to mention the gallimaufry of items lodging at chez Skelton!

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