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Saracens Head Hotel, 4 old wheels Nos 2, 3 and 4 in dining room as Chande=
liers and Tenor on wall as decoration.

Made by Over of Rugby in about 1801 when he did a rehang I think I recall.

Also several old frame sides incorporated into the internal walls of the ho=
tel but utilised upside down!

Old treble bell given by William Henchman in 1725, recast Whitechapel in 19=
35 now in Lincolnshire as 5th of ring of 8 at ??
Inscription reproduced and added to on new treble of 12 at Towcester

The inscription also adapted and used on a new "Henchman" bell, given by Dr=
David Henchman of Goulborne NSW and incorpoated in the new ring of 8 in Ca=
There are now 3 Henchman bells!

Original inscription read:

Ring boyes and keep awake
For Mr William Henchmans sake.

The present Towcester treble has the additional:

We rang sir and kept awake
And into twelve the bells did make.

The Canberra bell has yet another variation on the theme which was I think =
published in the RW last year. If not, and if anyone is interested it is on=
a postcard in the ringing room at Towcester.

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