Stolen Bells

Sue Dyson sue.dyson at v...
Mon Feb 23 21:27:25 GMT 2004

In 1976 the chime of 5 bells at Christ Church, Heaton Norris, Stockport were
stolen (Warner 1896). I don't think the bells were recovered, as we found
bits of the remains in the churchyard. Some of this metal was made into the
badge of office for the Master of the Chester Guild, by Neil Lomas from
The local Council were considering for some years what to do with the
redundant church building and we did not realise that the bells were still
in there (strictly it was in Manchester Diocese). It was this lack of
information that set me off compiling the list of bells in the Chester
Diocese and also got me elected as Bells Consultant to the Chester DAC (such
a post did not exist at the time for either Chester or Manchester Diocese).
The main body of the church was gutted by arson in 1977 and now only the
tower remains beside the main A6 road from Stockport to Manchester.

Peter Dyson

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