[Bell Historians] clapper bushes

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Feb 26 15:07:34 GMT 2004

> clapper bushes
> I have been asked to advise on clapper bushes but have insufficient knowledge of the subject. Is it possible for members to make some comments on why they believe one type of bush is superior to another. 

The three main types in modern clappers are timber (genarally lignu vitae, I believe), nylon-type materials, and brass or bronzes. Timber ones aren't used now, so it's between the others. personally, I think the nylon-type ones are crap. They wear out far more quickly than metal bushes, and when fairly new have a tendency to swell up in warm weather and bind on the pin, causing the clapper to stick.

The most often used type of metal bush is that of oilite, which is an oil-impregnated phosphor bronze. Taylor's certainly use this (I've has some clappers rebushed by them fairly recently), as do a number of other firms although I couldn't say specifically which ones without checking.

I'd advise that you recommend oilite.

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