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David Bryant david at b...
Fri Feb 27 12:09:09 GMT 2004

> Grace Dieu I would imagine. Another candidate must be Wilton (Taunton). Iknow the 2 tier frame at the Forset Guernsey was augmented with another tier (and a very good little 6 they are too!). I am pretty sure the frame at St Ewe was (re)constructed recently too.
> I suppose you could argue that St Ewe is the only real 3 tier bellframe out of these - the others being 3 tier installations - i.e. separate frames mounted one above the other.

Wilton are indeed on 3 levels, but as Matthew says they are really three separate frames. The 9th is on its own at the bottom, then the others in two further separate frames above. I think the middle one is timber (or possible composite) and the others iron or steel, but it's years since I've been up there.

The primary example of a three-tier frame must be Oldham, where the fairly heavy twelve are in a 3-tier cast iron frame.

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