The first half muffled peal

LOVE, Dickon DrLove at s...
Tue Jan 6 09:30:47 GMT 2004

I came across a reference from the old peal book of the Society of Bromley
Youths recording a peal on 15th Jan 1817 of Grandsire Triples at Bromley. It
was rung half-muffled (referred to as the bells being "dumb") in memory of
William Chapman, a ringer at Bromley for 43 years having rung in over 60
peals. The footnote says "... being the first Dumb Peal of this kind ever
rang in this kingdom".

So... can anyone confirm any earlier half-muffled peals? Or perhaps his was
indeed the first. We may put a small peal board up in Bromley Posh to record


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