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David Bagley david at r...
Sun Jan 11 18:51:36 GMT 2004

The identity of the two mystery bells has been found, however I'm not able
to send the details to the list for a few days.

I'll explain why later on..........

David Bagley

> Anne Willis has asked me to forward the following to the list. The
> are attached, and anyone who reads via the web or digest (& therefore
> doesn't get them) please email me direct if you want them.
> David
> Two unknown bells spotted in a local shop (West Wiltshire area). The
> who has requested anonymity, has no idea where they came from. They were
> acquired by his late father, probably in the Bath/West Wiltshire area.
> anyone help with founder etc.
> Bell 1. Diameter 17½"; height 19" ; cast in crown staple.
> Inscription; THOMAS [decoration] HOVLDIN C W [same decoration]
> [same decoration].
> The bell looks as if it has been painted at some time, and there are marks
> round the bottom lip which made me wonder if it had been skirted.
> Photos webbell8; webbell18
> Bell 2. circumference round lip c.54"; height, 24" No inscription.

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