St. Michael Walton Hall

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Sun Jan 11 22:12:17 GMT 2004

I have been meaning to mention the above church (or rather its bells) 
for a while. The church, now in Milton Keynes in the middle of the OU 
campus, was made redundant in 1974 and is now used as a concert hall. 
The OU website says: 'The western tower, which was added in 1400, is 
Perpendicular and contains three bells, rehung in 1638' (sic).

I took a look there the other day, the tower is inaccessible without 
ladders, but two of the three bells are stood on the floor at the 
east end. The bigger, about 90cm in diameter, is inscribed 'CHANDLER 
MADE ME 1709'. The smaller, about 78cm in diameter, is 

The bells presumably belong to the OU. Are they known about / listed 

Bill H

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