[Bell Historians] Glengarry

George Dawson George at d...
Tue Jan 13 13:34:46 GMT 2004

I tried the link & it doesn't work. Can you send me a copy please.
Looked it up at JT yesterday, 38 1/2" diameter, surprisingly no weight
recordded. It was a 'circe-perdu' bell.
George Dawson

Subject: [Bell Historians] Glengarry

> Dennis Willcocks has kindly scanned in the pictures and text from the
> original article in Bell News, dated 2nd September 1899. The pictures
> are at http://www.homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~ccaajpa/gelngarry and they will
> be there for a week. Also, I have copied them to the Files area at
> Yahoo.
> Still no idea why it is hanging in the ringing room at Southagte!

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