[Bell Historians] Dalston, St Philip

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Thu Jan 15 14:17:31 GMT 2004


"There was a ring of 8, cast for a church in South London, but never installed, but that is another story and it is not mine to relate!"

There was a similar case in the 1960s at Leigh on Sea, Kent. Taylor's cast a ring of eight (11 cwt), but the tower was never completed and the bells never installed. Eventually, the 3rd and 4th were repalced and the bells hung at Kirkheaton, Huddersfield. Of the old 3rd and 4th, one was damaged in store and the other, I believe, became the Perrin and Charnley bell. At least some of the fittings for Leigh on Sea were made, but not used at Kirkheaton due to the restricted space - one of the smaller sets of fittings (2nd Ithink) was used to make the dumb bell at St Mary's, Beverley.

I'm sure many on the list will know all of this anyway!

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