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Thu Jan 15 20:15:00 GMT 2004

More on the 'Perrin and Charnley' bell. The paper was received for 
publication on 27 September 1982, suggesting that the research was 
done during 1981 or 1982. The bell is described as follows: 'The bell 
used in the investigation had a diameter 70.2cm, height 56.6cm and 
weighed 214kg. It was one of a peal cast by Messrs John Taylor of 
Loughborough and destined for St Margaret's Church, Leigh-on-Sea, 
Essex. Its musical note was D.'

The copy of the paper I am reading is annotated, in Steve Ivin's 
handwriting: 2ft 3 1/2in, 4.0.22, D-4. The bell's nominal is 1172Hz, 
which I make to be D-3.

Does this information help identify the bell?

Bill H

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