Leigh-on-Sea / Kirkheaton

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Fri Jan 16 08:58:56 GMT 2004

Hopefully my final post on this subject!

I note from the list of transferred rings on the Keltek website that 
the old bells at Kirkheaton were removed in 1988 and the new eight 
(the supposed ex-Leigh-on-Sea bells) installed in 1990. This makes 
sense in terms of the dates of the Perrin research in the early 
eighties. The date of the 1960s for the Kirkheaton installation 
metioned by one poster had me really puzzled.

Given the Perrin work at Loughbourough University was published by 
late 1982 and a new bell had to be cast for Kirkheaton for the 1990 
installation, the Uni. bell must have been _very_ lost. How do you 
lose a 4cwt bell on a big iron stand for nearly a decade?

Bill H

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