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Sorry to spoil things, but he could and did. The bells were installed in 19=
88. 1,2,5,6,7 & 8 are the original 1966 Leigh-on-Sea bells; 4th (presumably=
a replacement for the damaged bell) 1987; 3rd (presumably replacing the "l=
ost" one) 1988. All Taylors. I rang on them on 6th April 1989. They really =
are a very pleasant ring. The old Kirkheaton six by T Mears went to St Clem=
ent Sandwich, Kent, replacing a ring of five lost in 1865. They were instal=
led in 1989/90 and were dedicated in the presence of The Queen Mother on 19=
th May 1990.

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> But if you check the dates that's not possible unless we are in the sec=
> BC period! Did you mean to say that you rang there in 1999 and not 1989=
> N.
Sorry! must not be flippant, I definitely rang there on 28th October 1989=
so they must have been installed either earlier in 1989 or in 1988. I am
sure we were told on our visit how long they had been installed but its =
long ago to remember.


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