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I think Anne is correct - certainly there a a large number of G&J installat=
ions where the original rather insipid green paint is flaking off !

I think that the correct designation of "Taylors' colour" is Burgundy. Prio=
r to the late sixties of course they used black bitumastic. Our 53-year old=
frame and fittings here at SMdeC are still well protected by this - whethe=
r it's the original I don't know, but I think it is.

A lot of older Mears installations have 'red lead' throughout.

I believe Fred Pembleton uses scarlet, and Arthur Berry I think uses simila=
r to JT.=20

For the record, Warner's used, among other things, 'red lead' on their cast=
ings and black on their steelwork. And Llewellins and James used grey throu=

Don't know what Naylor Vickers used on their ironwork, but certainly they p=
ainted their bells grey (presumably to make them look more like conventiona=
l ones) - there is still a fair bit of evidence, notably at Moseley. Eayre =
& Smith did that excellent job at Thornborough, and after cleaning the bell=
s painted them black with Waxoyl. Unfortunately, when I visited the birds h=
ad got in and introduced a colour scheme of their own !

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Most bell hangers have set colours which they paint their frames/fittings=

For example - modern day bellhangers seem to use:

Taylors - Red.
WBF - Red and Grey.
Whites - Blue.
Me - Ford Blue.
Bob Parker - Traflagar Blue (amongst others).
E&S - Dark Green/Black.
HMA - Dark Green.
Nicholson - Grey/Bright Red/Black.

My question is - what were the G&J colours - particularly in the 1920's?


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