G&J Simpson rings

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Thu Jun 3 19:40:56 BST 2004

I don't know for sure which was the first G&J complete ring tuned on the "Simpson" principle, but Launton (1907), Wickwar, Pattishall and Bitteswell (all 1908) are candidates subject to checking dedication dates. Significant "Simpson" content - but not complete rings - at Twyford (Bucks) and Wool (Dorset) too, I believe. The first eights seem to have been in 1911.

Gillett's (or rather Johnston's) did go through quite a long development phase before producing fully "Simpson" bells, and - since Norton was recently "deposed" on this list as Taylors' first on account of wild harmonics in one bell - the actual tuning of these early bells also needs to be considered in determining which ring should be regarded as G&J's first true true-harmonic / "Simpson" ring.

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