G&J Simpson rings

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Thu Jun 3 13:03:44 BST 2004

There is a six at St Andrew Kirkby Malzeard near Ripon which were cast in
Kirkby Malzeard
St Andrew [PC]
SE 236 746
1	Gillett & Johnston	1909	5.0.12	29.125	D
2	Gillett & Johnston	1909	5.3.12	31.1875	C
3	Gillett & Johnston	1909	7.0.15	33.125	Bb
4	Gillett & Johnston	1909	8.3.8	36	A
5	Gillett & Johnston	1909	12.0.23	40.125	G
6	Gillett & Johnston	1909	16.3.0	45	F

These are a super peal of bells. Hung in an H frame with box-section
headstocks. To my mind they are a copy of a Taylor installation! There was
a fire in 1908 and these bells replaced the previous bells of which I have
no information to hand. Comparing Kirkby M with other towers in the area it
is unlikely the old bells were anything like as heavy and that leads me to
look for a Taylor six (or more) of 1909(or before) of similar weight and
dimensions which CJ could have had extensive access to. ANY IDEAS?
They don't seem to have the twang associated with early G&J but then they
are pretty quiet in the ringing room.


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