[Bell Historians] Edenbridge & Wrotham

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Fri Jun 4 11:36:00 BST 2004

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> I like the format - maybe a little too colourful! - you have 
clearly been on
> a far more advanced Excel course than I have. I would like to see 
> example from a really grotty peal of bells for comparison.
> Andrew

We'll get Dickon to put up the sheet for Kennigton, Kent before they 
were tuned - at some point in the past the tenor had been skirted by 
an over enthusiastic chip tuner, with the result that the bell had 
only half a soundbow. The result was a bell, with a hum note well 
below an octave, that should have been pensioned off, but the Parish 
insisted on keeping it in service both for economic and historical 


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