[Bell Historians] Re: G&J Simpson rings

David Bryant david at b...
Sat Jun 5 21:23:55 BST 2004

> The eight at Finedon are interesting G and J front 7 and a Taylor tenor.
> Don't know why this happened. The effect is very good. 

Doesn't Chislehurst have one G&J bell in an otherwise Taylor ring? I believe G&J cast one bell as part of a projected future eight, but in the event Taylor's cast the other seven.

Another interesting ring along these lines is Newport Cathedral, where the three trebles of the Taylor ten of 1913 were recast by G&J when they augmented the bells to twelve in 1939.

> Aren't Rochester a G and J 10 in a modern Taylor frame. Does anyone know
> the answers to these questions?

Yep. Recast and rehung with new fittings in the old frame by G&J in 1921 - the fittings are Taylor-type ones. Taylor's rehung the bells in a new cast iron frame in 1960, reusing the Gillett fittings.



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