[Bell Historians] Re: G&J Simpson rings

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon Jun 7 08:31:31 BST 2004

>> > "...Whitechapel in the early 20s (they took their old style guage 
> which
>> > produced bells closest to a Simpson bell and adapted it)?"
>> > And never got any closer!
>> >
>> > Anon.
>> >
>> [1. What is a 'guage'? 2. This is not fair. After a shaky start,
>> Whitechapel were casting first-class true-harmonic bells by the
> early 1930s.
>> CD]
> A 'guage' is what Whitchapel call their strickles.
> I hadn't noticed that VERY unfair comment from Mr Aspland ...I'd play
> Bow off against Leeds Parish Church any day!
[1. Try GAUGE (I thought Whitechapel also called them 'crooks'). 2. This
is all rather pointless: Bow (M & S) and Leeds P C, Worcester, Evesham,
etc. (J T & Co.] are all fine rings - it is just that they are different.
And so are Coventry (G & J). Not sure about East Grinstead... CD]

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